Friday, April 21, 2017

Red-fronted Rosefinch!

From our brutal 1000-meter vertical ascent towards Thorung La pass yesterday.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Brief Note From Upper Mustang, Nepal

My friend Mich Coker and I have just spent the past five days in the internet-free world of the Upper Mustang Valley, ranging from Jomsom in the south to the Tibetan border north of Lo-Manthang. We've seen so many great birds and mammals, traveling by jeep on some days and hiking a total of about 45 miles in rugged terrain, almost entirely over 3800 m elevation, and even reaching 4600 m. I'll attach two photos to this iPhone post: Blanford's Snowfinch from the Tibetan Plateau and a typical scenery shot from the high desert through which we trekked.

We have two more days of trekking on the N edge of the über-popular Annapurna Circuit based in Muktinath (hence the Internet connection).

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tigers at Bardia National Park

I’ve been in Nepal on my usual busman’s holiday for a week now, and already I’ve seen 13 lifers and some amazing animals. Less than 24 hours after I arrived, my friend Mich and I flew to the small but bustling town of Nepalgunj, and late afternoon on the next day we were watching a Tiger.

We’re now headed to the Mustang Valley for a 10-day trek, so when I get back I’ll post more here. Stay tuned.