Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oregon in Spring WINGS Tour: A Blustery but Birdy Day on the Central Coast

We spent a bit of time checking the habitats at the Salmon River at Cascade Head.

Say "Tillamook!" Naomi and Joan.

Black Oystercatcher at Boiler Bay

Glaucous Gull is a rare bird in winter, and a very rare bird this late in the spring. This one was first reported by Darrel Faxon at the mouth of D River in Lincoln City. The smaller gull is a California Gull.

What's all the salt and pepper on this rock at Yaquina Head?

It's hundreds of Common Murres and several pair of breeding Brandt's Cormorants and their guano.

The historic and picturesque Yaquina Bay Bridge

A pair of Red-breasted Mergansers seen from the South Jetty of the Yaquina River

Oregonians are lucky to have countless access points to the public beaches and headlands. We made a quick stop here and had our only Wandering Tattler.

View N from Devils Punchbowl. Nearly every stop has a stunning view.

The American Crows here are noticeably smaller and higher-voiced than inland birds. If they aren't Northwestern Crows, what are they? Yachats Crow was a nickname devised by Oregon's more clever birders to indicate these beachcombing dwarfs.

The Yachats Waterfront, pronounced YA-hots. Here we saw hundreds of Surf Scoters, two White-winged Scoters, three pair of Marbled Murrelets, and a Red-necked Grebe.

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