Monday, July 19, 2010

A Handsome Woodpecker

This handsome Chestnut Woodpecker was digging away in this rotten fallen branch just behind our cabin here at Explornapo Lodge, Peru this afternoon. I was about 20 feet from it before I realized it was there, and it paid me no heed. There must have been some tasty morsels in that wood.

Our foray this morning to the river islands in the Napo River nearby were successful. Very quickly we had looks at Parker's and White-bellied Spinetails, Lesser Wagtail-Tyrant, Lesser Hornero, Black-and-white Antbird, and Riverside Tyrant. Wintering Blue-and-white Swallows and a Large Elaenia (from their breeding grounds in southern South America) added to the morning's interesting finds.

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