Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mystery Photo – Extremely Advanced

If you read the AZ-NM birding e-mail list, you might know what this is. It was in my yard this afternoon in north-central Tucson. Hint: there may be a tiny handful of people alive who might get the right answer based on this one photo. (I wouldn't have been one.)


  1. I know what it is because you told me, but in the field, oy, no chance. Looking at this one pic, all I can say is that the gorget is unusually squared-off for an Anna's, and I'm surprised not to see some color on the forehead or even behind the eye on an Anna's in this plumage.

  2. My son Bob and I guessed it was a black-chinned since there wasn't any color on the forehead. We lived in Arizona for four years and loved the variety of hummingbirds we could find. I wrote the hummers into my next Birder Murder (titled 'Falcon Finale,' to be published this September), which takes place in Flagstaff - it made me homesick for Arizona!