Friday, August 26, 2011

Cristalino Jungle Lodge Highlights from August 24-30, 2011

Here are some of the non-bird highlights from my own little blog from this past week.

I'm also posting weekly updates (Tuesdays) to, sending "From the Field" reports for the WINGS front page (, and you can also read occasional updates from Stephen Boddington's blog at

Belus Swallowtail, Battus belus

Brown Capuchin

OK, a bird – can't leave out this amazing Harpy Eagle!

What the heck is this? I'm calling it the Jujube Caterpillar and think it might be once of the fancy hairstreaks.

A puddle party by the beach.

This brilliant yellow Tabebuia sp suddenly came into bloom just yesterday. We were all wondering, "where in the heck did that tree come from?"

Tupinambis paulensis, a huge and rarely-photographed lizard in the whiptail family. Of course, my friend Michael Harvey from Broward College knew what it was the moment I sent him the photo.

A Hetaerina rubyspot

A jumping spider, probably in the genus Phidippus on Tayler Brooks' wrist.


  1. I was there a year ago October...the birds were amazing, of course, but the butterflies were astonishing. Love seeing this reminder of a great trip.


    Cristalino, 10/09.

  3. Great photos, Joe. Thanks for sharing your link.

  4. Update: The amazing Jujube Caterpillar is a moth in the family Dalceridae. Thanks to Jim Brock for the ID.