Sunday, August 3, 2008

Utah in Late June: American Birding Convention

The week of June 22 I flew to Salt Lake City to help lead field trips for the American Birding Association's annual convention held at the Snowbird resort in Little Cottonwood Canyon. It was a fun week of meeting new people and hanging out with friends in a gorgeous setting. The wildflowers and butterflies were particularly wonderful.

I arrived a day early to spend some time with my younger brother and his family. One of the fun things we did was cruise roads at night for reptiles. This Western Rattlesnake was our best find.

Here are just a very few photo highlights from my field trips.

Callippe Fritillary

prickly pear cactus blossom


A picnic lunch on the Deseret Ranch

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  1. Nice pic of the rattler. It was fun to have you here!