Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Canopy Walkway at Explornapo Lodge, Peru

Here are a few photos from our morning on the canopy walkway 1.5 km into the forest from Explornapo Lodge. It's a great experience.

From this vantage point, you can get close-up views of canopy dwellers that normally have you straining your neck. Paradise, Green-and-gold, and Yellow-bellied Tanagers were at eye-level, and in the full sunlight were almost too colorful and bright to look at.

Gray-headed Kite, harvesting a twig for nesting material.

White-fronted Nunbirds were sounding the alarm when the kite arrived.

Our best views ever of a Yellow-margined Flycatcher, whose call notes here are almost like a screaming raptor.

In the afternoon we returned to some river islands in the Napo, just upriver from the lodge. I flushed this Helicopis gnidus metalmark, following it until it landed on the underside of a leaf, typical of many butterflies in this family. This genus apparently has only three species; the only other one I've seen was H. cupido, and it was also on an Amazonian river island, just off of Manaus. So it seems that this genus uses some plant as a larval food found only on such islands.