Sunday, March 11, 2012

Costa Rica Pre-tour Butterflying

I met my group of eight participants for our first dinner yesterday evening at our hotel just outside of San José, Costa Rica. I had all day here, mostly spent working on my laptop, but I usually spend the morning in the lush and often birdy hotel gardens. Instead, I decided to check out a nearby coffee farm that might have some nice birds. I'm especially hoping to find a close spot that is reliable for Prevost's Ground-Sparrow, as it is rather sporadic on our hotel grounds lately.

Well, though I didn't find the ground-sparrow (there were several White-eared Ground-Sparrows though) I did see 30 species of birds at the farm, called Rancho Arizona. Better yet, I was pretty amazed how many butterflies I saw. I think I saw about 25 species in just a couple hours, but I was able to put names to only 13 and took photos of a few here they are:

Emerald Longtail, Urbanus esmeraldus

Frosted Flasher, Astraptes alardus

Yellow-stained Skipper, Poanes inimica

Alana Skipper, Heliopetes alana

Yellow-tipped Flasher, Astraptes anaphus

And a strange weevil relative in the family Brentidae

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