Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Second Most Gorgeous Heron

I've reached a milestone today.

Amidst post tour reports, validation of thousands of (and invalidation of not a few) flagged eBird reports for Pima County, and working on my 2013 tour schedule, I've finally (guiltily) broached the last remaining folder of photos from my ten weeks at Cristalino Jungle Lodge last year.

And on this 30th of September, 2011, while motoring down the peaceful Cristalino River, we came across this Capped Heron. Called "Garça Real" in Portuguese – the Royal Heron – it indeed acted as though we might rather curtsey before it we passed by its most esteemed fishing spot in the river.

Pink, blue, black, white, and butter. What a delicious bird.

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