Saturday, July 7, 2012

This Morning's Porch Light Booty

One of the great side effects of SE Arizona's monsoon is the emergence of all sorts of cool insects. Though it didn't rain last night, the downpour from a couple days ago is probably to blame for last night's activity at my porch light. Here's what I found on the screen door at dawn this morning:

Six of these cicadas – either Diceroprocta apache or D. semicincta. They maybe conspecific in any event. It's the deafening cicada all around Tucson right now.

This june-bug scarab (genus Phyllophaga?)

Another scarab?

The tiny twig-boring beetle Apatides fortis, family Bostrichidae. The family name contains the words for cow (bos) and hair (trichos).

A winged ant (carpenter ant family?)

And the monster Palo Verde Root Borer, Derobrachus geminatus

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