Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gray Crowned-Crane – World's Most Ridiculous Bird

This evening a bunch of us are getting together at Sky Bar on Tucson's 4th Ave to share photos from our big trip to Africa together. So I'm finally being forced to go over my thousands of photos and delete most of them. (You're welcome to stop by – I think we'll start the show sometime after 6:00.)

I find it hard to believe I actually saw this bird, the Gray Crowned-Crane. I remember at the time finding it hard to believe such a bird even exists. But it does. And we saw them. Personally, I'd find it hard to walk around looking like that with any measure of dignity, but they apparently have no shame.

This was one of a pair along the road between the Mara Serena Lodge and the Oloololo Gate of the Mara Triangle Conservancy. They were very close, so the first photo above is actually a photo merge from 4 photos.

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