Sunday, August 4, 2019

Blog Backlog Catch-up: Costa Rica in April 2018

We had some really fun sightings on my annual spring tour to Costa Rica. A first for me in the country was Black-and-white Becard, a pair building a nest at Tapantí National Park. Another highlight was a kettle of 159 migrating Mississippi Kites. Of course we saw Resplendent Quetzal well, but it tied with the number of votes for favorite bird of the tour with this Lesser Ground-Cuckoo, a much scarcer bird and hard to find in the middle of the day, the only time we’re ever in its range in Costa Rica.
Lesser Ground-Cuckoo

At Monteverde I had the fortune of coinciding with my friend Thomas Meinzen, whom I met nearly 7 years earlier when he was a very eager 14-year-old birder visiting SE Arizona with his dad. Thomas was in Costa Rica for a semester abroad from Whitman College, after which he had a summer internship with the nonprofit Osa Conservation in the southern Pacific part of the country. See

For me one of the top sightings of the tour was this butterfly, the recently described (2015) Lathecla winnie, and possibly the first time it has ever been photographed in the wild; it’s still the only photo online live or dead. It was at La Paz Waterfall Gardens on our last day.
Lathecla winnie

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