Sunday, July 19, 2015

Serra do Tepequém

We’re headed to Viruá National Park today, we might not have internet for a week. So quickly here are some photos from the past two days.

A view from the steep south slope of the mini-tepui of Tepequém, looking to the west, towards Venezuela.

Gilded Barbet. When we go to Virua, the replacement species there should be Black--spotted Barbet.

We’ve seen lots of other birds and some great fungi, but the most interesting thing was under a piece of wood along the trail – an odd ant nest (incidentally co-habited by a large spider that disappeared under the structure before I could get its picture).

The ant nest structure appears to be the fungus garden of a small-colony species of leaf-cutter or harvester ant. It was very fragile. Maybe an ant specialist will be able to comment on it after I send some photos around.

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