Sunday, February 19, 2012

First Day in Oaxaca – Birds and Orchids of the Highlands

I'm back in Mexico, after a week in Baja (see my post to Birdingblogs), but this time in Oaxaca.

Today was a full day of birding in the mountains north of the city, with lots of highlights. We were mostly birding and not taking photos (and the fog in the first half of the day wasn't very good for photography anyway). But here are a couple highlights.

This Gray Silky-flycatcher was amazingly unwary.

The high humidity and rainfall up here results in a lush forest with lots of epiphytes. This is a succulent in the family Crassulaceae, possibly an Echeveria.

Finally, there were quite a few of this gorgeous orchid, Rhynchostele cervantesii. Other populations seem to have white flowers, but these were all pink. The species is endemic to Mexico.

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