Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week 1 Garden Update and Another Hobby Revealed

The garden's coming right along, thanks. The first seedlings popped their pair of cotyledons out of the soil surface on DAY 3, which is right up my instant-gratification alley. It was the row of mustard spinach, so that's what you should plant if you hate waiting.

This is what it looks like after a week. The foreground is the bed of randomly planted starts from my friend Greg. Turnips, mustards, beets, and mache are all up, but the only visible lettuce is rouge d'hiver. No sign of the carrots yet, despite our daily highs in the mid 80's to around 90°F all this past week.

My other non-bird hobby:
I'm almost surprised to have noticed that I've never mentioned my knitting on this blog. I guess I've been subconsciously trying to stick to a theme to match my screen name of "Birdernaturalist," but this is MY blog, after all. So I come out of the closet yet another time:  for the past 2 1/2 years I've been addicted to knitting. I have a Ravelry profile, and I have a stash. I rarely come out of a yarn shop empty handed. Mostly socks are my thing, but I've knitted scarfs, hats, dish rags, hot pad holders, a cardigan, and a camisole. I knit on the plane, in the airport, and even some evenings during trips. I knit each weekday while listening to Democracy Now with Amy Goodman.

This are one of my latest projects, a gift for a friend, entirely knitted while on the scouting/fam trip in Ecuador and Peru this past month. The yarn itself was a gift, a self-striping dye pattern that is supposed to have the colors of the olympic flag. For every metal won by the US team in London this past summer, the price of the yarn would drop by a few cents.

I had no idea what how the yarn would knit up, given what it looked like rolled up in a ball.

One last bit of birdernaturalist news: While I was sitting in the yard this week a Red Crossbill flew over. Will we have some on the CBC?

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