Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Grocery Shopping for Gambell

The morning after I got back to Tucson from New York, nearly five weeks after I left for Nepal, I printed out my shopping list for my Gambell cooking job (for the WINGS Gambell Tour), rented a car, and went grocery shopping.

This pile represents part of over $1200 in groceries and kitchen supplies I bought at seven stores.

It took me 20 hours of shopping, boxing, and shipping, and I turned in the car 24 hours later. Yes, that means I got 4 hours of sleep that day. The groceries filled 23 large flat-rate boxes, meaning $433.55 in shipping charges. If we were to take this with us on the Bering Air flight, the cost would be $2/pound, or probably close to $1000, so I saved a bit of money doing it this way.


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