Tuesday, December 25, 2012

New Sprouts and New Pests and New Sowings

I fibbed: The sweetpea sprouts are up. In fact, against the south-facing border of the bed they are over a half-inch high already.

Then yesterday, on the opposite side of the bed, I noticed the tell-tale sign of a Valley Pocket-Gopher. Up against the wood frame was a golf ball-sized hole surrounded on three sides by very finely sifted soil. I can't see where it has eaten any of the plants (which they sometime pull down by the roots, just like in the cartoons), but I'm looking out for it. I don't know what I'll do if it becomes a problem; I don't think it will enter a typical live-trap. I smoothed over the little mound before I thought of getting a photo.

Then also yesterday I sowed some "summer" seeds that I meant to do fully 3 weeks ago. I really need to have a indoor grow light ready for them when they sprout, or I'll just have to bring them indoors every night. Summer is in quotes, as in the lower elevations of southern Arizona we grow our summer crops from March through May; after that it gets too hot for some things, especially tomatoes. But if you keep them watered through the summer, they'll start producing again in the fall when it cools down. These include some flowers for birds & bugs as well as a couple fragrant things I can't resist. Night-scented Stock would actually fall under the category of a winter crop, so I should have sown them in August for blooms in February.

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