Friday, November 17, 2017

To Do List

just back from Bolivia and Brazil

To Do List:
  1. Send in passport with photo, form, and $110 for 10-year renewal DONE
  2. Refresh sourdough starters
  3. Do laundry
  4. Finish Peru Machu Picchu and Kosñipata post tour materials (almost done)
  5. Practice advanced Portuguese
  6. Start on Peru Amazonian Jungle Lodges post tour materials.
  7. Write up field trip descriptions and bird lists for Gay Birders of North America meeting in Tucson next August
  8. Practice advanced Portuguese (reminder #2)
  9. Look at health care marketplace online, rewnew or not, mail a bag of bird poop to Republican legislators
  10. Finish Peru post-tour materials.
  11. Submit changes for 2018 Peru tours
  12. Finalize new tour itineraries for Bolivia 2018 and Amazonian Brazil 2019
  13. Practice advanced Portuguese (reminder #3)
  14. begin editing photos from Bolivia and Brazil scouting trips, labeling and identifying butterflies and odonates (moths-long project)
  15. Incorporate Claudio Flamigni's identifications of my Costa Rica moths from iNaturalist to Photos and Flickr...repeat
  16. Promote 2018 Galapagos Cruise.
  17. Continue blog from last July, starting with Costa Rica in late July.
  18. etc
  19. etc
  20. etc
  21. etc
  22. Identify a few moth photos from Borneo, 2013
  23. etc
  24. etc
  25. etc
  26. Submit butterfly photos from Cristalino to iNaturalist
  27. etc
  28. Practice advanded Portuguese
  29. etc
  30. etc
  31. etc
  32. etc
  33. make Christmas candies
  34. Dec 14 do Tucson Valley Christmas Bird Count
  35. Dec 15 Fly to Tampa FL for CBCs and visiting brothers
  36. Dec. 27 Fly to Brazil for Cristalino time!
  37. etc............

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