Thursday, July 25, 2019

Birdernaturalist Returns!

I regret that I haven’t been keeping up on my blog, and I apologize.

The most ardent of my readers was my friend Jerry Simons, who died unexpectedly in March, 2018. He gave me the most consistent feedback on my posts, often with questions or suggestions for edits. Several months after his death I realized I had ceased blogging and eventually came to the realization that I had been writing primarily with him as my audience in mind.

Well, 2019 is already half over, in the past 16 months I’ve had so many great experiences that my urge to share has welled up again.

I’ve wanted to do a 2018 recap before starting up with more recent travels, and the longer I let it go, the more daunting that seems. But 2018 was a great year.
I had 18 separate tours or guiding obligations, a record for me (eight to ten tours would be a more reasonable number as a full-time job). I calculated that I spent just over 25% of the year in my Tucson home (in twelve different bouts, which averages less than 8 days between trips). Fifty-one days of the year were spent in planes or airports (though two of those were just 30-minute internal flights in a Cessna). I was in 14 countries.

Besides all the guiding I did, as you can tell from my last blog, I thoroughly enjoyed a non-birding bicycling trip through Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, and France with my Tucson friend Andrew. So I won’t be posting any photos from that trip.

So here it goes, with just a few photos from each trip.

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