Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Blog Backlog Catch-up: Jamaica in March 2018

With only a few days at home after Baja California, I was on my way to Jamaica for my 20th year of leading tours there. As always, I managed to find every endemic bird for my group, with credit going of course to my co-leader Ann Sutton, as well as to the participants who constantly are spotting good birds.

This Jamaican Owl was hunting along the entrance road at Marshall’s Pen just a few yards from our rooms in the “coffee store.” It’s always nice not to have to use playback and to have views at eye level.
Jamaican Owl

When the possible list of birds is rather limited (even if fascinating), you turn to other endemic taxa. This truly fabulous spider is the endemic, and essentially unknown-in-life Micrathena rufopunctata.
Micrathena rufopunctata

This katydid appears to be the endemic Jamaicoecia milleri. As far as I can tell, like the spider, there are no live photos of this species anywhere. If you didn’t see my submissions to iNaturalist, you saw it here first.
Jamaicoecia milleri

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