Sunday, July 7, 2013

You Made Your Own Pita Bread?

My gut reaction, to hearing this question with a tone of incredulity was,

"What? You mean to say you don't make your own pita bread?"

But really, it is kind of ridiculous if you think how readily available this item is at your local grocery store. It actually took me a moment to go back to those times though.

Once you've done it – made the relatively low hydration dough over the course of 2 days and let it rise (very little effort and time involved, I might add), portioned out the balls and rise once more, rolled them out a bit, let them rest a few minutes, rolled them out even more, then rise for just 15 minutes, and then baked each one for just a couple minutes in a super-hot oven – how can you ever go back? Experiencing this transformation on so many levels and savoring the end result is priceless.

Really? You don't make your own pita bread? Why on Earth not?

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