Monday, January 9, 2017

A Dialog On The Way Back from Tuxtepec And Why I Didn't Get a Tip From PWWL

Participant With Eagle Eyes (loudly where the whole group can hear): I see a bird on the far side of the field with an all yellow breast, black head, and white stripe.

Me: It sounds like it might be a White-naped Brushfinch. Where exactly is it? Oh yes, I got it! Look everyone – it’s a pair of White-naped Brushfiches!

Participant Who Won’t Listen (standing right next to us): What are you looking at?

Me: White-naped Brushfinch. They're across the field in the bush to the left of the tall white stem.

PWWL: Where? Where? I think I see it! Does it have a yellow breast? There one just hopped up in the open! What’s it called again?

Me: It’s called White-naped Brushfinch. You’re looking for a sparrow-sized bird that is all yellow below, with a black face, and a white stripe down the top of the head.

PWWL: Yeah, what a beautiful bird!  I see its yellow breast. Wait, what color is its head?

Me: Black, with a white stripe down the top.

PWWL: Yeah, I got it. So what is its name?

Me: W.h.i.t.e.-n.a.p.e.d.  B.r.u.s.h.f.i.n.c.h.

PWWL: Right got it. I can’t find it in my book to check it off. So it’s a finch, right? What’s its full name?

Me: You’ve heard me say its name five times in the past 30 seconds, and I’m not saying again.


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  2. PWWL: Well if you won't say it again, would you find it in my book and check it off for me? ;-)

    Hah, I can imagine this playing out. You get so frustrated you yell out at the top of your lungs White-naped Brushfinch! And dozens of birds flying all directions not to be seen again.

    I really enjoy reading your blog. You go so many cool places and see so many cool things.