Friday, September 21, 2012

Colorful Tanagers and Arial Chachalacas

I'm currently in southern Ecuador, providing moral support to my friend and coworker Jon Feenstra on his scouting trip here. We've seen some wonderful, beautiful birds in some gorgeous country, and Jon will surely have a very popular itinerary to offer in a year or so. He'll soon have an update on the WINGS website at, and I thought I could post a couple photos here as well. Some of the colorful tanagers we saw at Copalinga Lodge were Magpie, Golden-eared, and Green-and-gold, and in the process of photographing almost everything in my way snagged a couple of Speckled Chachalacas that I thought were amusing.

I'm looking forward to sharing many of the butterfly, grasshopper, dragonfly, and plant photos I've taken too.

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