Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Butterflies & Birds of Northeastern Mexico

This blog isn't dead. I've just been distracted from keeping up on it by a number of trips since my last post, with a few locally in SE Arizona with friends, and then subsequent trips to Bolivia, Idaho, Oregon, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas, and Mexico (two trips). More updates on those trips at a later date.

Just as a teaser, here are two of my favorite photos from the WINGS tour that Jim Brock and I led to Northeastern Mexico from September 27-October 5, 2009. We met the group in Brownsville, Texas and drove south to the small town of Gómez Farías for 3 nights. Near there we found this gorgeous metalmark butterfly, the Red-bordered Pixie.

We then spent three nights up at the retreat of Rancho del Cielo, a wonderfully peaceful place at about 4000 feet elevation in a forest of ancient plant species.

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