Wednesday, October 14, 2009

SW Wings Birding Festival – The Chiricahua Mountains

From August 6-8, I led field trips to the Chiricahua Mountains for the well-attended Southwest Wings Birding & Nature Festival. I have been leading for them since 1994, but this was the first time since 2003. It was nice to be back. Here are some of the nice things I took time to photograph along the way.

Ambush Bug, Reduviidae

Ares MetalmarkBronze Roadside-Skipper

Arizona Sister

Canyon Rubyspot, Hetaerina vulnerata

Locust Underwing , Euparthenos nubilis

Eutrepsia inconstans, Geometridae (first record for SE Arizona)

Bee Fly, Exoprosopa rostrifera

Gila Monster

Hooded Merganser

Mohave Rattlesnake

Pinesap, Monotropa hypopitys and Cloudless Sulphur

Veined Ctenucha, Ctenucha venosa

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