Friday, April 13, 2012

A Gorgeous Spring Day in central Germany

I had a wonderful, long, but enjoyable first day of my month-long vacation in Germany today, visiting Christiane and Matthias May and their two children Marcella and Marvin.

First order of business: a complete German breakfast with the most amazing breads, 10 kinds of (mostly French) cheeses, 3 different kinds of wurst, and smoked salmon. We also had Easter eggs, eaten with the family tradition of salt, pepper, mustard, olive oil, and white wine vingar – sort of a pre-constructed deviled egg.

Next was to visit the yarn store in nearby Oppenheim, a tourist village literally stuffed with wineries. I couldn't help myself and bought some yarn. My stepmom will be envious.

Chris and I then did a bit of sightseeing in village, going into the main town church, which here is Protestant, rather than the regionally dominant Catholic.

No afternoon in Germany is complete without coffee and cake. Chris and I each had a piece of Black Forest Cherry Cake and Eggnog Torte. I forget what Marvin's pastry was called.

In the late afternoon Marcella, Chris, and I took a nice walk from their house into the nearby countryside where there is a horse club and some trails into the fields with some nice habitat. We watched European Hares boxing, saw a few Roe Deer, and several wonderful birds such as White Stork, Stonechat, and heard two Nightingales.

Then in the evening we had some amazing wine and lighter dinner at the nearby "bouquet winery" Potsdamer Hof, overlooking their village of Bodenheim. Some of the land planted to grapes used by the winery is leased from the May family.

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