Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Last Walk Through Luxembourg's Canyon

Yesterday was my last in Luxembourg. My hosts Kristiana and Kerry – with their ridiculously full schedules of rehearsals, practice, correspondence, tour bookings, and travel – took the time to show me another nice walk through a lovely section of Luxembourg, along the river that forms a canyon through the middle of the city. We started under a true rookery – a collection Rook nests, a very strange European crow-like corvid.

The bridges that span the sandstone canyon are quite impressive.

On the cliff walls grow several nice wildflowers such as this pink rock cress and wild strawberry.

There's also an old chapel built right into the sandstone walls where soldiers defending the city would prepare themselves for the slaughter.

One of the most striking views of the city was this old, decrepit farm complex surrounded by newer homes and a very modern bank in the background.

Finally it was time for me to say goodbye to Kerry and Kristina as I headed to Freiburg, my home for a year 21 years ago.

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