Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oven Barbecued Ribs Party

This past Monday's dinner party was a blast. I had a most awesome time and will have do this again soon.

This was originally going to be just 4 or 5 friends getting together at Gavin's, where I'd try out my oven-barbecued spare ribs for a second time (the first time at Mich's was a hit). Well, the invitation list got bigger and bigger – I think 12 people eventually showed up. We moved the venue to my place, and I bought three times the amount of ribs (more than 15 pounds – $55 worth) and cooked it both here and over at Gavin's (a few blocks away). I also made mashed potatoes and we turned it into a potluck and beer-wine fest. From left to right: Catherine, Dylan, Megan, and Gavin.

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