Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Shroud of Turnip

My winter veggie garden is doing quite lovely, despite our early morning lows down to 21°F (-6°C) last night. It at least warms up to 45°F (7°C) during the day. It's supposed to continue this cold the next two nights, with some relief coming later in the week.

To help protect those plants that might not like it as much, I very coarsely sewed together three long swaths of frost cloth and cover the garden each night. The wooden post and cross in the middle is support the cloth.

The pocket-gopher is still around, and its mound returned and was even larger yesterday. But except for some nibbling on leaves that I suspect is from the House Sparrows, I can't see where the rodent has done any damage to the plants. I'm braced for the worst.

Tonight I'm going to sauté these lovely turins as a side with dinner, my first from the garden. The greens, once braised, will form a nice bed for my breakfast soft-boiled eggs.

Yes, I freely blaspheme.

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