Monday, January 12, 2009

My 39th Birthday Spaghetti and Wine-tasting Party

On January 9 I turned 39. The birthdate is dubiously shared with Richard Nixon.

A last-minute invitation was sent out to a bunch of friends to do another wine-tasting party. At first light I baked a chocolate cake and then went out birding (seeing the local Blackburnian Warbler). When I got home, the carrot cake came next, then I spent half of the day making 4 batches of a fabulous spaghetti bolognese sauce (with pancetta, mixed ground meats, porcini mushrooms and reduced wine being the key ingredients), a veggie kale & white bean sauce, and lots of yummy garlic bread. Thanks again, Cook's Illustrated.

Meanwhile, my eldest sister Katheryne, visiting from Utah, was a huge help. She got the makings for and put together the hors d'ouvres (little toasts with brie and goat cheese), which were crucial as the spaghetti was still being finished as the first wines were open, and she made the green salad as well.

14 kinds of red wine were brought by my friends, and I provided score cards. We're still working on the results. A great time was had by all.

Katheryne practicing her new love

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