Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Peru Birding Rally Challenge Update 2

It was a long hard day for everyone. Even though we saw 124 species today, only 51 were new for the list, and with my mis-count by two yesterday, we now stand at 181. But that's still 7 ahead of the competition. Amazingly, the cumulative number of species seen by the four teams is around 230.

My personal highlights from today:

Spotting a Least Seedsnipe as it flushed as we were driving 90 kph. But more impressive was Paul French's spotting this Common Miner only a few minutes later –  from the back seat!

Tumbes Sparrows on a quick highway stop.

Lots of gorgeous wildflowers, including this Trixis, so very similar to the one in Arizona. But I think this one must be T. cacalioides.

This amazing hairstreak, which I haven't ID'd yet.
Update: This is Ocaria ocrisia, the Black Hairstreak (west Andean form).

This immature male Andean Condor that Steve Howell spotted as we were driving along.

And some incredible scenery as we ascended the Andes to arrive in Cajamarca for the night. We're here for two nights, so tomorrow will be a much more relaxed day.

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