Friday, May 16, 2014

Peru Birding Rally Challenge Day 4 Update

Oh well, not surprisingly the Field Guides team saw 10 more new birds today than we did, putting them 3 birds ahead of us. We had three scheduled events with local communities these days, and they gained an extra hour of birding on us by our getting mixed messages about what time we had to be at one location. And the South Africa team gained a Striped-headed Antpitta on us because they skipped out on the required morning event in Cruz Conga. Here's our team member Paul French dancing to the loud music at the reception.

Later in the day we birded the Marañón Valley, seeing several of the exciting endemic birds, as well as this amazing Dalechampia sp.

We ended the day in Leymebamba, but not before a fabulous late afternoon rainbow over the high elevation cloud forest.

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